Miles, Andrew. “Obtaining Predictions from Models Fit to Multiply-Imputed Data.” Revise and Resubmit with Sociological Methods & Research.

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This page contains supplemental material for papers that I have published.

Supplemental Materials for Selected Published Works


"Measuring Automatic Cognition: Practical Advances for Sociological Research Using Dual-Process Models." American Sociological Review.

Replication material available here


"Desperate Housewives? Differences in Work Satisfaction Between Stay-At-Home and Employed Mothers, 1972-2012." Journal of Family Issues.

Cranney and Miles 2016 -

Cranney and Miles 2016 - Note on Table 3


“Obtaining Predictions from Models Fit to Multiply-Imputed Data.” Sociological Methods & Research 45(1):175-185.

Miles 2015 - MIpredict code

Miles 2015 - MIpredict


“The (Re)genesis of Values: Examining the Importance of Values for Action.” American Sociological Review 80(4):680-704.

Miles 2015 - V&A - all

"Morality and Politics: Comparing Alternate Theories." Social Science Research 53 (September):252-269. With Stephen Vaisey.

Miles and Vaisey 2015 - all