Quantitative Methods

I have been involved in teaching quantitative methods for a number of years, including teaching courses, offering workshops on basic and advanced statistical topics, and consulting on individual research projects.

I have taught a variety of topics, including:

- basic statistics (sampling, probability, etc.)

- linear regression

- regression models for categorical data

- generalized linear models

- mixed/multilevel models

- regression models for panel data

- causal reasoning

- propensity scores and “matching” methods

- missing data

Those interested in learning more about quantitative methods might be interested in the links I’ve posted on my Quantitative Resources page.

Courses Taught

SOC222 - Measuring the Social World

SOC6302 - Statistics for Sociologists

SOC6708 - Advanced Data Analysis: Analys of Longitudinal/Panel Data

Human Behavior

My research interests in human behavior span disciplinary boundaries, but my teaching thus far consisted of an overview of sociological social psychology, and a course on sociological theories of human action. The latter course gives attention to classical perspectives, rational choice, identities, pragmatism, attitudes, values, and dual-process models. A recurring theme is the tension between individual and situational explanations of behavior.

Courses Taught

SOC402 - Understanding Human Action

SOC344 - Sociological Approaches to Social Psychology