Current Projects

Measuring Automatically-Processed Culture: Models of culture and action are beginning to grapple with the implications of the fact that human minds process information in two ways: laboriously and slowly, and quickly and automatically. Unfortunately, measurement lacks behind theoretical innovation - that is, sociologists know that cultural information can be processed automatically, but do not have a recognized standard for measuring "automatic culture." Together with Cyrus Schleifer and Raphael Charon-Chenier, I am comparing approaches to measuring automatically-processed culture to determine their utility for use in sociological studies.

Moral Structure and Moral Action: Sociology is seeing a resurgence of interest morality. I am exploring how moral constructs relate to one another and to a variety of outcomes including prosocial and political behavior.

Manuscripts (Under Review)

Miles, Andrew. “Measuring Automatic Cognition.” Chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Sociology.

Miles, Andrew, and Laura Upenieks. “An Expanded Model of the Moral Self: Beyond Care and Justice.”

Miles, Andrew, Raphael Charron-Chenier, and Cyrus Schleifer. “Measuring Automatic Cognition: Practical Advances for Sociological Research Using Dual-Process Models.”

Manuscripts (In Preparation)

Miles, Andrew. "Improving the Analysis of Between Subjects Experiments Using Instrumental Variables."

Foy, Steven L., Laura Upenieks, and Andrew Miles. “Comparing the Impact of Religious and Secular Organizational Involvement on Self-Rated Health Cross-Nationally.”