R scripts

Below are scripts that I have written. After downloading, these can be loaded into R either by:

1.copying the code, pasting it into the R console, and pressing enter, OR

2.using the source command to read them in directly, e.g. source(“path to file/filename.R”)

bic - computes AIC, BIC, and a few variants (if requested) along with other information to aid in model comparisons

mod.summary - a summary function for standard OLS, GLM, and ordinal logit models that combines reporting features like standardized coefficients, robust standard errors, confidence intervals, and odds ratios all in one function; this function is constantly under development - at present, it doesn’t play nice if you ask for both standardized coefficients and odds ratios at the same time

R is a free and open-source program for statistical analyses that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Below are R scripts (programs) that I have written. They are all works in progress, but feel free to download, use, and even modify them if you find them useful.